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Founder’s Log 120117-07: History Repeats Itself Day 83

If you are new to this site, this is where I post my daily journals I call, “Founder Logs”. These journals describe in detail my life as an entrepreneur. Every 10 days I try and describe in detail everything going on in my life that business related, past, present, and future. My hope is that this site not only helps keep me accountable to always keep progressing, but also helps you in some way learning from my experience and struggles and breakthroughs. There is a lot of good nuggets of info here so join me on my journey and cheers to success!

I know, I know…I skipped a Founder Log entry smack dab in the middle of the month. It may seem like I’m slacking, but it’s quite the opposite. With the holidays and tons of crazy changes this month, I’ve been busier than ever.

I started out under the impression these founder logs would be a breeze. Writing a post every 10 days? Easy, right? Well maybe for some, but not me. Least not with the amount of detail I want to put in each post. I quickly realized that it’s much more work than I anticipated.

But surprisingly the main culprit is not writing itself, even though I am admittedly super slow at it. It’s all the formatting, editing, and graphics creation that goes along with it. Sure, I could skip the graphics, but that would make it boring and I don’t want that.

Don’t worry though, I have no plans of stopping so I’ll just have to learn to live and adapt. No good thing comes easy in this world.

Now, with that said…let me show you what happened last month.


Here’s a quicklook at some of my stats this past month with my social media accounts and income. I really haven’t pushed my social media accounts at all this month, because I’ve been focusing on building my foundation. So yeah, I been slacking with that too and so the numbers are pretty minimal.


  • Facebook Likes: 90 (+1 / 1.2% Increase)
  • Instagram Followers: 139 (-33 / -19% Increase)
  • Twitter Followers: 81 (+4 / 5,1% Increase)
  • Youtube Subscribers: 89 (+1 / 1.1% Increase)
  • Email List: 762 (+0 / 0% Increase)

October Income:

  • Gross Income for November: $7939.36
  • Total Expenses for November: -$382.58
  • Total Gross Profit for November: $7556.78
  • Difference b/t October & November: -$1589.92

Positive things that happened to me:

History repeats itself…my main contract position let me go.

Yep, it finally happened… the thing I was most afraid of. My main client, my main source of income, my safety net decided to discontinue my contract.

But It seems like hard times are falling on their company because the main CEO stepped down and they have been doing massive layoffs lately. So they let me go and told me they were going to get someone in house at half the price. I tried to bargain with them, but they said they just really wanted someone in person to work with their marketing team directly. *shrugs* Oh well such as life.

I knew this day would come so I was mentally prepared. But maybe worrying about it so much lately made it something like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So why is this in the positive section?

Because I’m an optimist and I’m not to worried about it now. This will open more doors and I will move on to the next chapter of my entrepreneurial journey.

One positive right off the bat is I don’t have to do stuff for their company anymore, which that has given me much more time to work on my own company.
And lucky for me I anticipated this, so I’d been saving money to live off of for a bit. Although it’s not enough as I want (is it ever?) it’s better than nothing.

So this is a positive because I am free from the constraints of that work and can focus on my own thing more.

I work best under pressure. It’s sink or swim time once again!

On that note, you’d think I’d have learned by now not to put all my eggs in one basket, but when a company offers you a lot of money to work for them and you have bills to pay, then you tend to get caught up with their stuff and neglect doing what you need to do to build yourself. Lesson learned.

Goals accomplished in the last 30 days.

First, lets recap what some of the goals were:

  • Write another post for
  • Write my 1st newsletter introduction email
  • Finish designing

Here is what I accomplished from those set goals:

  • Finish designing

So out of a whole month, I couldn’t even write a blog post or a welcome email. Not very productive, right?

Well not exactly. I spent week away with family due to Thanksgiving and the ending of my contract, leaving about 2 weeks to work on this stuff. And I could, and should have scheduled those tasks in, but I moved them aside to work on higher priority stuff.

This was the higher priority stuff and what I accomplished:

  • Finished contract work left over from contract position.
  • Started designing a new website for newly acquired client.
  • Started designing a new landing page for newly acquired client.
  • Finished UI/UX design for
  • Switched hosting providers from Hostgator to A2Hosting VPS.
  • Migrated all websites to new hosting server.
  • Changed WordPress theme.
  • Set up landing page instant quote form.
  • Hired copywriter to work on compelling copy for Project Convert site.
  • Managed subcontractors for projects.

So, I have been pretty darn busy lately. It’s just blogging and social media marketing has been pushed to the back of the priority list. Bad I know, but it is what it is. I’ll double, maybe even triple down on the marketing once I get my platforms up.

I also switched web hosting companies which is kind of a big deal I guess. I outgrew Hostgator’s shared plan and decided to switch to A2 hosting’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan. It was about time to switch things up.

Why did I switch companies?

Hostgator is a perfectly fine company and I have no complaints about them. They have been good to me over the years, but I noticed my sites started to timeout a little with my sites on their shared plan and felt like it was time to get myself a VPS.

At first I was going to try Hostgators VPS hosting plan, but someone referred A2 Hosting to me, saying it worked great for them, so figured why take the plunge and decided to test the waters? So here I am. Me and A2 Hosting, that is.

Hopefully, it’s a quality hosting company I can recommend to everyone. As time goes on, I will be fully transparent about my experiences with the company.

Struggles and solutions in the last 30 days.

Blogging for

Overall the time spend on writing is not the issue. It’s more the time it takes to make sure spelling and grammar is correct and all the editing and design work involved in all of it. Not a fan at all.

In my last posts, I talked about hiring an editor for my posts and that’s been working out great, except for the turnaround time I want it complete. As a business owner, when you get people to work for you, you want it completed yesterday, but have to accept the fact that it might take days or weeks, months to finish sometimes (depending on the project of course.) But that’s just how it goes. Queuing up my work and planning this in advance is the solution to that problem, but I’m struggling to get caught up at the moment.

I have an amazing subcontracting editor that just does editing, but I needed someone to help me create compelling copy too.

For that, I went to and found a copywriter.

So far working with this copywriter has been pretty solid. My process is pretty straightforward too.

I outline the parts of the page I want copy, write down the gist of info I want on it and the different parts of the page, and she goes through and replaces the copy with professional sounding copy that explains the info way better than I ever could.

Just writing down what’s on my mind and what I want on the page is way faster than worrying about making it sound perfect and professional, not to mention all the editing involved. This process will definitely free up my time a bit more and increase the speed of getting some of this stuff launched.

Now that leads me to the second struggle…

Spending money on help

Some of these contractors are not cheap. Especially a copywriter who knows how to create amazing, compelling copy. Of course, I want these industry experts to look over and configure everything and catch everything I may have missed; however, I simply cannot afford it at this moment.

So my solution is to just have them work on the pages that will have the highest traffic. There are about 3 – 4 pages that are the most viewed on your website.

  • Homepage
  • About Us page
  • Contact page
  • Landing page that you are driving traffic too.

And in my case, this one:

  • My Landing Page Quote Form Page (basically the contact page).

With just those pages professionally done, I can do everything else myself and start focusing on getting it live and generating revenue.

Goals for the next 15 days.

  • Launching
  • Finishing page copy.
    • Homepage
    • Contact Page
    • About Page
    • Services Page
    • Setting up quote form.
  • Adding 5 Themes (Products).
  • Connecting merchant account.
  • Publish 3 blog posts.
  • Creating welcome email.

Project Convert is my no. 1 priority. It will be my main revenue stream now and I need to launch it asap and start landing more clients.

If you don’t know, is my website all about helping blogs and online businesses with online marketing and conversion optimization i.e. gaining more followers and leads, and generating more sales and here is a shameless self promotion on what It offers.

We offer 3 ways can help you:

  1. Service:
    Custom landing page / Sales funnel design and development service. (My Core Offer)
    Here, my team (designer, copywriter, developer) work with clients to whip up premium, high-quality landing pages and sales funnels optimized to convert.
  2. Digital Marketing Downloads: Themes & Templates (My Lead Magnet / Tripwire / Upsell Offers)
    We will also offer a digital ecommerce shop that offers digital downloads, such as landing page themes and templates, and Photoshop files that will help you with online marketing and sales funnel setup.
  3. Information:
    Conversion Blog (Free Offers / Info / Resources)
    The conversion blog will offer strategies, tips, tricks, and tools related to online marketing and conversion optimization. Need to learn how to improve your conversion rate on your landing page or website? We got you covered.

After I get the minimal viable product up with this website, I will focus on refining and automating the service part and marketing the crap out of it.

  • Organic marketing – consistent blogging
  • Organic Social media marketing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook PPC advertising
  • Email marketing
  • If that doesn’t work, I’ll start cold calling businesses if I have to.

I have a niche, I have a product, I have a plan. And it’s time to set it all in motion and grow.

A good habit I will implement in the next 10 days.

Managing my time wisely.

I struggle to focus my energy on one thing and often fall prey to tunnel vision until I complete that task.
It’s very linear mindset and, in my opinion, it’s not a good way to run things.

When I focus on one thing, I may get it done faster; however, the consequences of neglecting other things hurts more than it helps.

For example, if I spend 2 weeks working on a website and ignoring my marketing or social media posting, my business suffers way more than if I distributed my time more evenly. Common sense, I know.

So my habit is to learn how to distribute my time better on my projects.

Recent Books I’ve Read

The Compound Effect – By Darren Hardy

If I had read this book 7 years ago, it would have been extremely motivational and eye opening. However, I read it this last month and it’s all common sense to me now.

Basically, it discusses how each, little productive thing you do every day will add up overtime and “compound”, and before you know it, months or years into the future, you will reap the rewards. It’s all about discipline and consistency, something most people don’t care to do and also why most people are not successful.

Around the middle of the book it gives examples of the author does, but it’s nothing new. Something I’ve heard in many books before. Morning routine stuff.

Overall, nothing too groundbreaking, but it might be depending on where you are in life. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars because if you haven’t heard it before or don’t have the mindset for success, I can see it being a major game changer for you.

Check it out here and let me know what you think in the comments below.


It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for another Income Breakdown. This month took a big hit because my main contract position ended. But sometimes you have to take one step backwards to take two steps forward.


Freelancing / Contract work:
Affiliate Marketing:
Digital Products:


Web Services / Hosting:
Marketing / Automation Services:
Professional Services:
Books / Learning:


Final Report

  • Total Gross Income: $7,939.36
  • Total Spent: -$382.58
  • Total Gross Profit: $7,556.78
  • Difference b/t October & November: -$1589.92

Final thoughts

I’m excited to launch soon…again. I know this will be a lot of work getting systems in place, and then managing these projects and the people under me when projects do start rolling in, but I’m ready for it.

Like the information in The Compound Effect, it’s the small things you do overtime that add up to something great. As long as you are on the path to success and take the baby steps needed to get to the other side, you’ll get there one day.

So let’s do this! Cheers!