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Founder’s Log 110117-06: F.O.C.U.S. Day 50

If you are new to this site, this is where I post my daily journals I call, “Founder Logs”. These journals describe in detail my life as an entrepreneur. Every 10 days I try and describe in detail everything going on in my life that business related, past, present, and future. My hope is that this site not only helps keep me accountable to always keep progressing, but also helps you in some way learning from my experience and struggles and breakthroughs. There is a lot of good nuggets of info here so join me on my journey and cheers to success!

I might be starting to bite off more than I can chew with these blog posts. Frankly, I’m the slowest writer in the world. It really bogs down my time along with my other business related stuff I do. I may be changing these Founders logs to just twice monthly.

But it’s ok!

Because the bright side is I’ll be more productive outside of my journal posts. It will free up my time to post more business-related topics: how to’s, strategies, tips, tricks, and more regarding business, marketing, mindset and so on.

Ok, now let’s get into it what happened in October.

Quick look

I’ve added a new section called quick look. This I just a quick look at some stats and progression over time. If I see a spike somewhere along the line, I’ll post what I did and why I think that happened in order best help you on your path to success.


October Income:

  • Gross Income for October: $9,387.80
  • Total Expenses for October: -$241.10
  • Total Gross Profit: $9.146.70

Positive things that happened to me:

It’s been a slow progression, but it’s great to see things start to build. More people are being exposed to my content, and every day I get a little more traffic and few more followers join my tribe. As long as I keep at it and focus on providing quality content, I’m confident things will come together.

Here are some other notable things:

  • My Facebook community now has 72 members.
    I have started a private Facebook community to build my tribe and bring together entrepreneurs I’ve connected with. However, I’ve restricted this to locals so far to niche it down. Specifically people in the Phoenix, AZ area and surrounding cities. Perhaps later in the journey I might open it up to people outside of Phoenix, AZ or open a new one, but for now, if you live in Phoenix, then contact me here with your name and Facebook email or link and ill add you to the group!
  • Decided to do a Facebook 30 Day video challenge.
    A business friend of mine and I decided to do a Facebook 30 day video challenge. Basically, we will post a live Facebook video everyday for 30 days. I’ll keep the videos under 5 mins. and talk about business, marketing, mindset and more. It’ll be a bit before I start, but I have begun to write a list of the things I’ll be discussing. I will talk more about it when I start the challenge.
  • Got my Mexico pirate ship video edited!
    In the last Founders Log post, I talked about filming this cool pirate ship I saw in Mexico with my drone. Well I finally got it edited and uploaded to Instagram and Youtube. It’s short, but sweet. Enjoy.

Goals accomplished in the last 15 days.

  • I recorded my first podcast episode!
    I finally took the plunge and recorded my first episode for my future podcast. I interviewed Adam Yee, a food scientist who has a podcast called “My food job rocks.” The interview is about how to start a podcast ironically enough. I tried to discuss all the juicy details I could think of. I’ll link it when it’s published.
  • Finished my blog post “How to Make a Good Side Income With, No Skills, No Talents, No Money…and No BS!
    This blog post is exactly what it sounds like and it’s legit. But it’s no magic pill, you have to put in work. I wrote this because it easily shows you how to think creatively if you lack skills, talents, and money. It’s a method I use and have refined over the years that I capitalize off of regularly. Check it out to see what I’m talking about.
  • Created another post for
    Somehow, I managed to create some new content for the site; however, I still need to format and publish it. That’s always fun to do. Actually, I might get someone to help me with this.

Everything I struggled with in those 15 days.

I’m probably be spreading myself too thin here. With contract service based work plus three sites to create content for and manage, well it all might be a bit too much. Here’s an outline of my current tasks.

  • Landing page service work
  • Creating content for all websites
    • Blogging
    • Podcasting
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Emails
  • Facebook Group
  • Finish design
    • Brainstorming User Flow
    • Designing
  • Keeping girlfriend happy
    • Hanging out
    • Date nights
    • Etc.
  • And lastly…Facebook 30 day challenge videos (New)

But when it comes to business, I need to focus all my energy on one thing. And family time can’t be neglected.

Possible solutions for the struggles.

The main issue I have is the lack of content I’m generating. Sure, I drum up the occasional blog post and things are slowly getting done, but not at the speed I want. I need to start buffering my content, so even if I skip a day or so of working, something that builds my brand is still read to come out. This is a reoccurring issue that I have spoken about in previous posts, I know.

To counter this, I need to do the following:

  • See what I can take off my plate and prioritize projects
    Instead of 10-day sprints, I will do bi-weekly sprints. This will give me an extra 10 days a month to focus on writing quality content about actual online business.
  • Hire someone to curate content for
    This pains me to do, as I have so much knowledge to dish out about online marketing techniques and strategies, but a lot of the info I talk about has been already discussed by other marketers. So I think if I pick the topics, get several sources on the topic, and then define the focus to curate, I can get a writer to curate my message. Also, I’ll add my own two cents in here and there. This way my message still gets out, but I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting.
  • goals for the next 15 days.

Goals for the next 15 days.

  • Write another post for
    I have crafted a whole list of blog ideas that I need to look through and write about. I’m starting to form the niche I want to target on this site and will start writing posts centered around it. This isn’t set in stone, but I think instead of a journal I’ll post more about the mindset and psychology of thinking like an entrepreneur. I will also have detailed walk-throughs and action plans, but instead of just a journal about me, it will be written for the benefit of others.
  • Write my 1st newsletter introduction email
    Been putting this aside for a while and I don’t know why. Likely, I’m just unsure of where to begin. I have about 700 people on the list right now, but they are emails I gathered from They are Leadpage users and marketers mainly. But there is a great book which I talk about below in the book section called Invisible Selling Machine by Ryan Deiss. The book has some great info about setting up your email marketing funnel and has given me a good framework to start crafting my own email newsletter campaign.
  • Finish designing 
    First I’ve decided to condense my workload and combine Project Lander with Project Convert. Like I said I am spreading myself to thin and this will help condense things a bit. With that said, I desperately need to finish this asap and get this up so I can start promoting my services doing quality custom landing page design. A service based service that I will offer until I can figure out how to generate more passive income and recurring revenue.

A healthy habit I will implement in the next 15 days.

Really dedicating myself to meeting deadlines, and staying focused and disciplined is my main goal for the next 15 days… and forever. I need to do it now more than ever, because the rate I’m doing is not good enough. I know I can push myself further and train my brain to be way more productive.

  • Follow
  • One
  • Course
  • Until
  • Success

Books I’ve Read

  • Invisible Selling Machine – By Ryan Deiss
    “5 steps to crafting an automated, evergreen email campaign that literally makes sales while you sleep” – The book itself explains it pretty well.
    It’s simply amazing! I love frameworks and formulas that I can learn and easily implement into my systems. This book does that with email marketing. It’s formatted beautifully and easy to read. Things are in layman’s terms, so you don’t need to be a super experienced marketer to understand it, and there are even practical examples all throughout the book.

    5 stars for this books. I highly recommend it.


It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for another Income Breakdown. This month was not as plentiful as the last, and besides the affiliate and theme sales fluctuating, it’s mainly from the contracting hours being reduced due to my Mexico and Minneapolis trips. But with that said here, they are.


Freelancing / Contract work:
Affiliate Marketing:
Digital Products:


Web Services / Hosting:
Marketing / Automation Services:
Professional Services:
Books / Learning:


Final Report

  • Total Gross Income: $9,387.80
  • Total Spent: -$241.10
  • Total Gross Profit: $9.146.70

Final thoughts

My biggest takeaway is I need to be more focused and disciplined. If you’re not used to doing that all your life like me, it’s a tough habit to break. But it’s really the only way I’m going to achieve success.

I need to plan out my tasks each Sunday and focus on completing them one by one. No excuses.

Well, that’s it for my Captain’s log recapping October 2017. Cheers to success!

See you next time!

– Travis Moore