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Founder’s Log 101117-04: The Grind Day 20

If you are new to this site, this is where I post my daily journals I call, “Founder Logs”. These journals describe in detail my life as an entrepreneur. Every 10 days I try and describe in detail everything going on in my life that business related, past, present, and future. My hope is that this site not only helps keep me accountable to always keep progressing, but also helps you in some way learning from my experience and struggles and breakthroughs. There is a lot of good nuggets of info here so join me on my journey and cheers to success!

Another 10 days, another journal post. 3 times a month comes faster than expected. But it’s been a good week and things are getting done. This post should be a little shorter than the previous ones, but knowing how I like to be overly detailed, maybe not.

Let’s begin…

Positive things in the last 10 days

Many positive things have happened of late, as my days are pretty positive for the most part, but here are the two that stand out the most.

A client reached out and wanted more work.

This may not seem like much, but at least I have clients continually reaching out  to me, which keeps the work/cash flow going. With the wireframes I made and my action to systematize things the work is becoming easier and if I just find a quality designer take over some of this stuff it would free up my time a ton and allow me to make more money passively.

I got second in the same small pool tournament in my last post.

I briefly discussed this tournament in my last post, but this week I went back there and crushed the competition…well until I wound up in second place. I would have gotten first if I didn’t scratch the 8 ball on the final game. Such is life, right? I can tell the morning routine is improving my game and keeping my mind focused when playing.

Goals I have accomplished in the last 10 days

In the last 10 days, I have been focused on freelancing, so nothing too groundbreaking to report, but I did manage to accomplish a few things.

I replaced the WordPress theme on

My go-to sight for themes is In my opinion, they have the best collection of beautiful, professional looking themes all with high-quality code, documentation, and support. Wow, that sounds like an ad, but honestly, it’s not, just a referral. I purchase all my themes there so I put my money where my mouth is.

One of the main things I look for when selecting a theme is the ease of readability of the content. For example, if the theme has text that you need a magnifying glass to read then it’s not going to be a good blog theme. It’s all about text formatting in my opinion.

Second, I chose to spend time now as opposed to later doing this, because If I do this when the site is full of content it turns into a nightmare. The formatting gets all messed up when converting and it’s just a time consuming, messy pain to make sure it’s all good. This is coming from years of experience in website setup and experience.

I set up my affiliate sites and links.

Hopefully, with all of the content creation I plan to do, a large part of my monetization strategy will be affiliate marketing. So I need to set it up right. I listed all the major sites I use for my own businesses, and recommended and signed up for their affiliate marketing programs. I made a list in Google Sheets and wrote down all the sites, links and benefits of each affiliate so I could have a quick reference when linking them in my posts.

I also installed the plugin “PrettyLinks” in WordPress for several reasons:

  1. It allows me to shorten the link and make it well…prettier. This way, if I need to link it on a blog or tell someone about it, it’s easier to write or remember, and not some super long link full of random characters.
  2. It allows me to track the number of clicks of each link on my website.
  3. The most important in my opinion, but if my affiliate link changes or breaks, I can easily switch it all out in one spot rather than having to switch hundreds of broken links or set up a 301 redirect.

Everything I struggled with in those 10 days

The writing struggle is still real. All I want to do is dish out content for and get a good workflow going and a buffer for my posts, but my time is being spent on my contract position and freelancing clients.

Yeah, first world problems I know.

Lately, I’ve been even busier than before, but I do feel like my writing speed is getting a little faster. However, I’m plagued with distractions. I lose focus easily when writing, but maybe that can be cured if I section out my days better.

Solutions or possible ones for the struggles

Writing a post requires several things:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Designing
  • Editing, Formatting & Publishing
  • Marketing

To lighten the load, I can hire people to do any one of these tasks, but I am unsure whether or not the quality will be there with the budget I want to spend. I will look into that later, but since I’m not made of money I do it all myself and work on finding a good rhythm.

I remember talking about theming my days in a previous post, but that wasn’t working too well. I need to focus on theming my days to blogging for now and expand from there. Baby steps, right?

Maybe I can do this:

  • Sunday: Planning Day
  • Monday: Research Day
  • Tuesday: Writing Day
  • Wednesday: Designing Day
  • Thursday: Editing, Formatting & Publishing Day
  • Friday: Marketing / Misc Day
  • Saturday: Family Day

One of my biggest issues is trying to be Superman and spreading myself too thin. This method will let me know whether or not this is too much for me to handle and I need to distribute the workload onto affordable subcontractors. I need to work smarter, not harder.

My goals for the next ten days

It’s going to be really hard to complete work in the next 10 days.

Tomorrow, I go to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, aka Rocky Point. Not a business trip, just a vacation with friends from October 12th until the 15th. We have had this planned for a while, so it will be a nice, quick break after being so busy lately.

Then after I get back on Sunday, the following day Monday the 16th, I fly out to this marketing conference called Converted. I’m actually a little more excited for the conference than the vacation because I know it will be full of valuable info that will help me in business and overall self development.

The marketing nerd in me is overjoyed!

One of the beauties of becoming an entrepreneur and meeting new people/networking is doors start to open. You get to do stuff you never thought you had the chance to do before. In this case, it’s not only attending this conference but meeting the speakers I never thought I’d meet. A couple years back, at the same conference, I met Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. The guy I credit for changing my life in a way.

This year, I can possibly meet another idol of mine, Kevin Smith as he is the headlining speaker.

Not that I ever get star struck or anything, but it’s cool meeting people who have achieved success in life. It gives me inspiration and motivation to shape myself into someone just as successful.

A good habit I will implement in the next 10 days.

Last week, I talked a little about identity forming and how I stopped drinking soda 10+ years ago because I made convincing myself that “I don’t” a part of my indentity rather than just saying “I cant”. If you are confused check Founder’s Log 100117-03: Identity Forming to see what I’m talking about.

But to continue with that habit, I will focus on a specific bad habit I have been doing lately: Facebook. Yes, Facebook, and it’s so toxic. It’s the ultimate engaging drama sitcom. I somehow find it extremely entertaining, and I don’t know why.

I find myself laying down after a long day’s work and getting lost for hours sharing, posting, replying, and commenting on a ton of topics. Politics is a big one as of late. And needless to say, this is extremely unproductive and toxic to my business, life, and success. Facebook will not get me the lifestyle I seek.

So for the next good habit, I will not post a single thing on Facebook, and part of my new identity will now be that I just don’t do Facebook.

I would love to just quit it all together and delete my account; however, I need it for online marketing and business purposes. So I will exercise extreme self-control instead.

Here’s another thing that will help out too: the chrome plugin called Crackbook. I have found this to be helpful in stopping me from habitually checking Facebook. I am not an affiliate for this plugin or anything, just found it useful. Maybe it will help you too if you suffer the same addiction lol.

New books I’ve Read

Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned In School – By Andrew Hallam
This book is all about investing. Retirement investing, stock market investing, and overall financial intelligence everybody should learn in school. I wish I read this book in high school. I would have invested for retirement a lot sooner and been more well off today.

But this book holds a lot of the same info and principals as other quality investment books like Tony Robbins: Money Master the Game. They talk about how you can get destroyed by various fee’s in the long term and how financial advisors tend to sucker the average investor with high fee managed mutual funds that do no better, if not worse, than index funds. It has a bunch more info regarding smart financial decisions and I don’t want to spoil it, so check it out.

If you are new to all this stuff or don’t know where to begin investing or setting up your retirement account, this is the book for you. I found it similar to Tony’s book, which I read first, and I’m glad to say it’s a book that backs up the knowledge they both have to offer.

Final thoughts of it all

I think the beginning stages of anything are the most difficult because there is a lot of self-discovery and setup involved, and it’s difficult to gain traction. But once a foundation is in place and you gain a little traction, then I am confident the tires will grip securely and things will start taking off.

As I am headed to the Converted conference next week, expect some posts about the conference and the many things I’ve learned.

If you have any experience in starting your own business or some words of encouragement regarding “the grind” stage, let me know below. I would love to hear from you.

Cheers to success!