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journey to success

My Journey to Success

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
– Lao Tzu

Founder JournalHey there! Looks like you stumbled across my Founder’s Logs page. Here I link all my entrepreneurial journal entries that describe, in detail, everything regarding quest to success. Each “Founder Log’s (as I like to call them) will show valuable info about what I do to generate income online and build wealth and success in business and in life.

I keep it real over here and I plan to be fully honest and transparent with everything I am doing on my journey. I hope by recording the details of my adventure online, this will not only keep me accountable in completing my goals but also that this information will somehow provide value and help you on your journey to success, whatever that may be.

Good luck and cheers to success!

Founder Logs

November – 2017 – Income: $7,556.78

October – 2017 – Income: $9,146.70

September 2017 – Income: $11.884.99


*I write the journal entry on the correct date, however the editing and publishing might take an extra day or so, so the day count might not be 100% correct with the date published.